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I subscribe to Progressive Trail Design‘s RSS feed on their website. Recently they posted they were nearing completing of their part of the Pension Mountain Trail System. You can read more about it here.

After some investigation I came across Johnny Chism’s blog. I don’t know who Johnny is but his page had some useful information on getting to the trail head as well as a nice map of the area.

Pension Mountain is south of Berryville, AR. This is about 1:15 minute drive for me so I decided to make an afternoon out of it.

The single-track trail was easy to distinguish even with leaf cover. The north part of the trail rides along a bluff line that is fairly unique. I spotted the above photo warning folks for good measure. The riding was pretty easy. There are not a lot of technical aspects nor are there any real hills (at this stage of the trail, future phases will likely go WAY downhill). I biked every bit of MTB trail they had and clocked about 5.5 miles. Some areas I did twice 🙂

After my ride I then went to Berryville because I had never been. I parked on the square and discovered a nice little burger joint on the north side. Berryville was bustling on this Friday afternoon. I don’t know that I have a lot of need to go to there often. The Pension Mountain Trail was good, but for the drive it wasn’t good enough to go there frequently.

You can a few photos by visiting the Web Album. Enjoy!

Pension Mountain – Biking
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