Stain the Fence

It has been a year since I built the fence gate mentioned in this post. This summer I chose to stain/paint the fence. The newness of the pickets had worn off and were beginning to change color as many fences do. Amy and I chose a color from Home Depot and had the cheap brushes and heavy nap sent as well. Free shipping, why not.

I scrubbed the new section of the fence with soap and water to prep it for the semi transparent stain. It had not accumulated much grime in a single year. However, on the east side of the house the fence was from 2008. This grime was too heavy to scrub, so Amy and I re-borrowed the pressure washer I repaired last year. If you didn’t know, Amy is a Dental Hygienist. As such, she enjoys using the pressure washer. She blasted the grime off the east fence easily.

I expected the painting process to take about 4 hours. However, it took more than 20! The shadow box fence proved time consuming. I would wake up at 5:30 each day to paint while the weather was cool. Aside from rain delays it was pretty painless though. I was able to listen to several audio books! We are quite pleased with how it turned out.

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