Digital Signage – We Have a Need

First Church has given me some room with an idea that has been in my head for sometime now. Over the years I have seen how digital signage, information presented on a screen rather than paper, could be very useful at First Church. We are constantly printing brochures and posters to place around our campus to advertise upcoming events, ministries, sermon series, and other relevant information. Since the area to hang this material is limited we have to be careful not to ‘flood the market’ with too much info and thus shoot ourselves in the foot. Digital signage seemed like an excellent solution.

However, it wasn’t until First Church publicized our 2011 J2K movement, Journey to 1000, that digital signage seemd possible. With this movement we hope to have:

  • 1000 people in daily prayer
  • 1000 people in weekly worship attendance
  • 1000 giving households
  • 1000 people serving in 2011
  • 1000 people inviting someone to church in 2011

During J2K we would like to keep our congregation informed of our progress. I was asked to have some kind of TV rigged to display the appropriate information each week. Digital signage to the rescue. In the next post I’ll describe some of our key criteria and ultimately our choice for a provider. Stay tuned.

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