Turning the Page

Recently the next chapter of my career unfolded. I started in August with RevUnit, a Bentonville, AR headquartered development company. My role as a Senior Product Owner allows me to leverage skills and experience from my previous time with Life.Church in a completely different market. At the same time, it also pushes me to learn from veterans in the retail development space. Why RevUnit? Culture.

The culture of RevUnit begins with its values:

  1. Do What’s Right
  2. Be Fearless
  3. A Little Better All the Time
  4. I Got Your Back, You Got Mine
  5. Celebrate the Wins

I look forward to continue building on such a strong culture with the team. “You show me a strong effective growing organization and I’ll show you a group of people unified around a clearly stated set of values.” ~ Craig Groeschel, Creating a Value Driven Culture – Part 1


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