About Me

My name is Doug Mitchell (which I am certain you already knew!). I live in Springdale, AR. I try very hard to disguise the fact that I am a nerd. I enjoy mountain biking, sand volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, skiing/snowboarding (when I can), as well has backpacking, hiking, and anything else that goes with camping. I care a lot about fitness, borderline fanatical. I track every calorie burned and calorie consumed so I can perform each of my favorite activities better!

I love to mountain bike, mainly XC (cross country). It really gets my adrenaline going and helps relieve stress. I currently own a 2003 Cannondale F400 Medium. Over the years I have upgraded:

  • brakeset (Avid BB7 calipers, 160mm discs)
  • brake levers (2008 avid speed dial 7)
  • cables (flak jackets and full metal jackets)
  • seat (nashbar)
  • crankset (sram 2×10 X7 S1400 GXP 2×10)
  • cassette (sram 2×10 PG 1070)
  • front derailleur (sram 2×10 X7 10 Speed)
  • rear derailleur (sram 2×10 X9 medium cage)
  • chain (sram PC-1091)
  • shifters (sram X7 Trigger 10)
  • framewrap (to guard against chain slap)

You can find me on trails around NWA including the Lake Fayetteville Trail, Slaughter Pen Hallow, Fossil Flats, Hobbs State Park, and the Holt Road Trail. In OKC you can find me at Bluff Creek, Lake Stanley Draper, Lake Thunderbird, and Roman Nose.

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