Draper Lake Mountain Biking

I was in Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving last weekend and decided to take my bike with me. A quick Singletracks search returned Draper Lake near Tinker Air Force Base. It was a bit of a drive from where I was staying in the northwest corner of the city but it was well worth it.

The trail is different than those I have ridden in Arkansas. Not much elevation change as you can imagine (Oklahoma), but it is a pretty technical ride due to all the twists, turns, trees, occasional jumps, and log rides. The Oklahoma Earthbbike Fellowship (OEF) has crammed a lot of trail into a small space. There are various courses based on difficulty (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue) as seen on the map. I ended up riding the whole thing for about 10.5 miles.

I didn’t have to shift much either, I can now see a very practical application for a single speed bike. Oh, one other note. I saw 7 deer. I spooked 3 of them, saw three more, and nearly had to dodge the last one! All in all it was a fun ride.

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