The Bread of Life Update

aerial_fiber_pathYou may recall this post from earlier this year about our solution to get data to our TBOL ministry. While this solution has worked GREAT, and I mean rock solid, we are approaching the limits of the bandwidth of the NanoStation Loco 5.

So I called Jason at Quantum Communications, they installed our internal fiber network, to install an aerial fiber optic cable to connect our main campus and TBOL. This 6 strand fiber would provide voice and data services to that building. In turn, their monthly expenses for phones and internet will be reduced by about 75%. The fiberĀ  should pay for itself in less than 3 years. Cool stuff, after taking with William Coble, our Cox Communications guy, he said that our current bundle will now allow us to go to 20 phone lines. We will be at 12, always nice to have room for growth.

Another reason to install this fiber cable is because of a government assisted tax preparation service starting up in the west unit of the TBOL building. I have contacted Gene over at Computer Consultants of Northwest Arkansas to rewire the West side. They estimate 2 phone lines, 6 workstations, 1 ‘server’, and a couple of network printers. Add onto that the 2 phone lines, 4 computers, and 1 network printer already being used by TBOL and then consider 3 Wireless IP security cameras and suddenly the 6 strand fiber starts to make a lot of sense.

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