Latest things on my plate…


  • Working with Mark Moreno about upgrading our Firebox x700 to a Sonicwall NSA device. Lately the Firebox has been flaky. Since we use Google Apps, Fellowship One, and live on the web, we can’t have a flaky security appliance.
  • Repairing a network cable Mike decided to cut in a fit of cleaning rage at The PontiacChurch. Luckily we had enough cable to re-terminate it and plug it right back in.
  • Mess with VMware Server 2.0 to see if I can successfully update our Windows Server 2003 domain to Windows Server 2008 but still house it on the same hardware. This should allow our Remote Access through our Terminal Server (WS2008) to be much smoother.
  • Ebay a bunch of old hardware (old Dell 2650 and 2 laptops, Panasonic Security cameras)
  • Get more info about wireless IP security cameras from TrendNet
  • Installing Sophos Anti-virus on a few stubborn computers
  • Buying the necessary hardware to install a Dell 124T Tape Autoloader < $550. The Adaptec 39160 SCSI card was $6.50 and 5 tapes were $53 (used for now).  This will make our backup solution much more reliable and give us the ability to take it off site.
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