Biking the Buffalo River Headwaters

Thanks to the OORC and the Walton Foundation the Buffalo River Headwaters trails have opened to the public. Because of the length of this trail system, the IMBA declared in an EPIC trail, the 3rd such trail system in Arkansas.

This area is quite remote. Therefore, it is important you come prepared. I suggest

  • Have a plan for your route
  • Carry a map (or two) and let someone know your route
  • Pack plenty of water. I rode with 3 liters since it was July
  • Pack some snacks, duh
  • As always, bring your tool kit which should include a pump, extra tube, chain breaker, chain links, zip ties, hex wrenches, duct tape, knife, and some pliers
  • First Aid Kit

Here are some resources for maps

Finally, here are my pics, complete with my after ride dinner at Low Gap Cafe and apple dump cake I cooked in our outdoor fire pit at home.

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