WordPress and E-Commerce

In case you were wondering, WordPress, the Content Management Software I use to create and maintain this website, has a plug in that allows for E-Commerce. Now this is significant because when someone asks me to set up a website and allow credit card payments I usually want to run and hide. However, this plug in allows for Paypal and Google Checkout transactions meaning anyone can begin accepting online payments for their products/services within minutes.

With this information in hand I began to help Brad accept payments for his website, ZigProAudio.com. It really is easy. You don’t have to worry about SSL certificates for your website (the https:// stuff). You don’t have to worry about ensuring your web server is secure, Google and Paypal take care of that. Of course they do charge processing fees but I believe they are well worth it.

The plug in is fairly robust allowing for many products and many categories of products. It provides the ability to calculate shipping and tax based on location, purchase downloadable content, run specials, accept multiple currencies, as well as monitor sales volume. It has not been the most intuitive plug in however, I am pleased overall.

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