Week 1 @ LifeChurch.tv

Monday, December 3rd

  • New employee paperwork & benefits from Jennifer Kordos – there were some extra perks I didn’t know about including discretionary 401K additions and some nice PTO paid time off
  • Listen in on phone meetings between Zach (my boss) and Lance from Vrazer and Isaac from Sheepish Design concerning current development projects. These were around Paypal & F1 giving integration, online volunteer application with background check, and a new bible study tool.
  • I received my 13″ MacBook Pro. I’m not a fanboy, nor am I very skilled in OSX. However, I need to learn it better so why not force myself to use one. I really like the touchpad, the mutli-touch is excellent.
  • Lunch with Zach and Brian at Louie’s Grill – I can’t say no to a Gobble Gobble turkey sandwich

Tuesday, December 4th

  • Today was Inside Out, an entire day of hearing from fellow staff members to help get oriented to LifeChurch.tv. This event is held quarterly at the Central Offices in Edmond. I was fortunate my start date allowed me to participant.
  • I was encouraged that 48 other people attended from every campus save Albany, NY.
  • Each member of the Direction Leadership Team shared about their specific area and gave wisdom for us as new hires.
  • Round table lunch with folks from Stillwater, Tulsa, and Hendersonville.
  • I really appreciated the many words of encouragement other staff members poured into me. I specifically felt comforted when Jerry thanked us all for the many sacrifices we made to be a part of the LifeChurch.tv team.

Wednesday, December 5th

  • Learned the basic responsibilities of a leader in the organization. Although the IT development team is small (myself and one other person) we have high expectations. I believe this will be a good area for me to cut my leadership teeth on.
  • “We lead people, but we manage things” ~John Davis
  • Lunch with many of the South Tulsa Campus team members
  • Reinforcement of the idea that failure is not an option, it is expected. However, failing at the same thing twice is not accepted.
  • I had some office time to get my desk and laptop configured. Oh, by the way I chose a MacBook  Pro so I can learn how to use one!

Thursday, December 6th

  • My first real day in the office – I am having to learn quickly about some projects currently in development. The one I worked on the most today involved reconciling text message giving transaction in F1. What a great idea!
  • A little work was done around automating the volunteer background check processing.
  • I believe my attention to detail, clear communication, and high expectations will do well in this roll.
  • Lunch on my own, Subway. Thank you to Rob and Anna from Agape for the gift card!
  • Benefits paperwork…lots of paperwork.

Friday, December 7th

  • Lunch with the rest of the IT folks. Andrew brought an electric grill, Steve-O brought cheese and bread, Shelby contributed some great potato soup, Andrea provided some homemade brownies, Brian brought some green beans with brown sugar and bacon, David threw in some bacon, Suzy brought some club crackers, and I….well the new guy didn’t bring anything. Lame. Lunch was delicious. I hope we can do this often!
  • I talked with Rodney about an idea to automagically upload staff payroll contributions to F1. I am hoping my attention to detail and thoroughness will allow our outside developer to really shine on this project.


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