Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Uplink

I recently used Ubiquiti’s UniFi wireless system to provide wireless coverage for the Pi Phi house at the University of Arkansas (see previous post). They asked me to provide an extra bit of coverage in an area that was particular difficult to reach. The problem was that running a Cat5e cable to that portion of the house was difficult. There is no drop ceiling, meaning the cable would have to be run along baseboards inside of painted cable channel. This could get expensive and not very sightly.

UniFi to the rescue! Using the ‘wireless uplink’ feature a radio can actually become a wireless repeater. It is configured just like wired radios. The beauty is that you can designate which radio the ‘isolated’ radio can connect to. I chose to connect the ‘isolated’ radio to one with little traffic. The only catch is that you must first configure the radio with a wire and then unplug it for 5 minutes. After this time the controller software will recognize that the radio is isolated and allow you to use the wireless uplink feature. See pic below

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