Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-04

  • Cox Communications network outage in part of Springdale. Dang #
  • The Cox problem is across the street. They have to repair a massive fiber cable that was cut by a semi-truck. #
  • @GoodGodfrey they thought by 1:00. But that didn’t happen. I’ll bet it is out until at least 3:00 in reply to GoodGodfrey #
  • @NathanHRoten it certainly is. I’m a pretty big deal. in reply to NathanHRoten #
  • Just finished a 2 mile run. It is humid out there! #
  • @SarahPApplegate welcome to Twitter, proud to be your 2nd follower! #
  • Trying to fix a PC with the lsass.exe startup error. Any suggestions appreciated. #
  • Nice 2 mile run in the threatening rain. I needed to get out of the house. #
  • When is it going to stop raining? I am having mtb withdrawls. #
  • Gave blood this morning for the first time. I know, I should have done it sooner. I feel good though, I was sorta worried I would pass out. #
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