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As many of you know I consider myself a technology guru. I love to envision and then empower people to achieve greatness with the help of technology. While I love technology a lot, I love the Church more, and I love Jesus even more! Lately, I have really felt the LORD calling me back into full time ministry (yes, technology is a ministry). Through prayer, discussions with friends, roommates, family, and Amy, I have accepted an opportunity to join the staff of in reaching the world for Christ.

I have been aware of for about 7 years now. They have been ‘doing church’ with excellence for over 17 years. Rather than try to explain why, I will let this video do the talking:

Read these values

“We give up things we love for things we love even more” really struck a chord with me. I love my life in Springdale.

  • I have supportive friends
  • I am able to teach a group of 10th Grade boys about life and Jesus
  • I am close to Amy
  • I get to camp, hike, bike and soak up the outdoors
  • I have a great job, co-workers, and bosses
  • Northwest Arkansas is a wonderful place to live

As much as I love my life, there is something I love even more. I feel the LORD is calling me to give up things I love for Him. I will be joining the Project Development team at It is our charge to engage both the staff and folks who attend LifeChurch with technology to push them towards Christ (my own words!) I will be moving to Oklahoma City at the end of the month and starting at the Central Offices in Edmond soon after.

I’m both excited and nervous. Some things you can be in prayer for:

  • Be able to learn quickly
  • Be a leader with unwaivering integrity
  • Be a clear communicator
  • Be a valued TEAMmate
  • Be a grateful steward of what God has given
  • Culture shock – I’ve lived in Springdale for 20 years. I have never lived on my own (perpetual roommate)

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