Ozark Adventure Dash

It was my sister-in-law’s idea. A 7 miles race/fun-run called the Ozark Adventure Dash. The 3rd annual event promoted by All Sports Productions and presented by Lewis & Clark is chalk full of prizes, coupons, gift certificates, and swag!

Although rain threatened, it did not prevail. However, Kimberly, Amy, and I took home loads of loot.


  • Found the coupon for a free bike pump. She chose the Liv Control Tower 2 ($50)
  • Placed 2nd in her age division! ($15 gift certificate)


  • Found $18 in gift certificates
  • Found the coupon for a free pair of performance sunglasses ($115)
  • Raffle prize of a pizza party and tokens to Locomotion ($75 value). Amy and I are hoping she takes us!


  • Found $6 in gift certificates
  • Found 3 coupons for free performance socks ($63)
  • Placed 3rd Overall ($15 gift certificate & 3 pair of Omniwool socks – $36)
  • Raffle prize of a case of Michelob Ultra beer and sweatshirt which I promptly traded for 2 boxes of PowerBars

This is in addition to the swag bag:

  • $10 off coupon
  • PowerBar
  • PowerGel
  • Various local coupons.

To top it off the free pancakes and drinks were tasty.
ozark_adventure_dash1 ozark_adventure_dash2

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  1. How fun! Prizes were awesome. Can’t wait to see the sunglasses! Mitchells made me proud.

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