Out with the old

My car has been running very poorly lately. It will be fine one moment and then the next it will ‘hiccup’ as if it is about to stall. It does this under acceleration, braking, idle, whenever. A couple of local mechanics couldn’t quite put their finger on the cause of the problem, so I finally bit the bullet and took it into the local Nissan dealership. They were able to pull some codes off the ECU and determined that the mass airflow sensor was malfunctioning. While it was nice to know that this was the problem, their solution involved a new MAF sensor (~$600) plus install (~$90/hr). I was not ready to pay that much so I started hunting for a replacement. After an hour or two I located a used MAF sensor in Pennsylvania. A few emails and a Paypal transaction later and I had myself a replacement unit for 50 bucks. Install took less than 20 minutes and the car is running excellent. Furthermore, my gas mileage has improved.


The new MAF installed

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