A church, as with almost every other organization, is concerned about what its users view on the internet. While there are tons of options available for security we have found that OpenDNS is both highly effective and completely FREE.

If you’re not familiar, OpenDNS is a service that keeps your web traffic safe and clean. By pointing your network equipment (or individual computer) to use OpenDNS servers rather than those provided by your Internet Service Provider you achieve quite a bit of control of what content is viewed. As you can see from the photo many different categories can be configured.

We have found that this service is highly accurate, EASY to setup, and simple to manage. Not only is it free, but is very likely that OpenDNS servers are faster and more up to date than your ISPs DNS servers. This means pages will load faster. Long story short, I am sold and I didn’t even have to buy anything. Check it out for yourself at

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