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New DesignI have spent the better part of a week changing my website to a responsive design. I chose the Response theme from CyberChimp mainly because it had a clean layout, a slider for images, and it was free! While the theme itself is super easy to install, there were several tweaks which I required to make things better:

  • Rather than have static boxes on the homepage I preferred the 3 most recent posts with image and link
  • Remove silly footer SPAM
  • Remove ‘upgrade to Pro’ from the admin panel
  • Allow for more than 3 slider images

For a seasoned PHP person this would have been 1 hour of work. However for me it took multiple evenings! I have learned a great deal about PHP functions in the process though so I believe it was time well spent.

The overall look isn’t much different than previous themes, but it is now viewable on many different devices. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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