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I have been on vacation for several days now. Sunday I decided to try a trail here in NWA that I haven’t ridden before. The Hobbs State Park Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail is east of Rogers on the south side of highway 12 (map). I am somewhat familiar with this area since Piney Road leads to Camp War Eagle where First Church does many retreats.

The trail is EXCELLENT! I chose to park at the Piney Road trail-head. There were plenty of maps and other info about the park along with a bathroom and soon to be drinking fountain. I planned my route quickly to include the Little Clifty Creek Loop (9 miles), Dutton Hollow Loop (3 miles), and the Bashore Ridge Loop (3 miles). Here is the .pdf pamphlet available at the trail head.

I was impressed, there are plenty of blazes, signs, and warning throughout the trial. The builders even went as far as to paint tree stumps bright white so they can quickly be identified and not run over (ouch). It is entirely flowing single-track with good speed and excellent climbs. The War Eagle Valley Loop (6 miles), not pictured, is east of Townsend Road. I will have to try it soon. Plus I would also like to attempt a killer climb on the Little Clifty Creek Loop going clockwise. I came down it on Sunday, up looked extremely difficult!

Total I tracked 16 miles (.5 mile spur to get to Dutton and Bashore). I will be visiting this trail more often.

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