Lead Now Conference 2008

Have you heard of the RIGHTNOW Campaign? (I hadn’t before this weekend). This is a group of pastors and leaders who are encouraging 20 and 30-somethings to trade their pursuit of the American Dream for a world that needs Jesus. They aim to connect people’s passions and skills to serving opportunities around the world.

I attended, via simulcast, this years LeadNow Conference in Dallas. There were several speakers I really enjoyed. It is wonderful to see the passion people have for reaching the world for Christ. I heard messages of empowerment, how God has called us and given us the ability to do great things if we only respond whole heartedly to Him (the calling of Jeremiah was mentioned 3 times by 3 different speakers).

Some of the other key points for me were:

These things were and are very encouraging for me. I ask for your prayers for the 20 to 30-somethings who attended this conference that we might live lives of passion and intentionality.

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