It is settled

bluff_creekAfter spending many weekends this past spring on various trails around central Oklahoma I have a few things to say, but I’ll keep ’em brief.

  • NuDraper – almost completely flat, several ride park areas with jumps and logs. Decent flow but the sand really detracts. The trail is well marked and gives many options.
  • Clear Bay/Lake Thunderbird – really nice flow, some great extended climbs but nothing too steep. If I lived closer this might be my favorite, but there is too much sand to make it worth the drive in my opinion
  • Roman Nose – great flow, some pretty technical rock areas, great scenery. My only beef is the distance I have to drive.
  • Lake McMurtry – Rode the west trails. Great flow, well maintained (worth the $). Wish it were closer and it would take the cake.
  • Lake Arcadia – not worth the couple of bucks to ride. It is a shame because it is so close to the office.
  • Bluff Creek – virtually no sand, lots of flow but also lots of very tight turns. Not much elevation change though. This trail is simply more fun than the others. Since it is also the closest, it is settled.
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