Happy New Year!!

Migrating our Small Business Server to Windows Server 2008, which I spoke of here, has been a goal of mine for sometime now. I am proud to say that the conversion went smoothly. I carved Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to perform the move. Here is a brief list of what the migration entailed:

  • Create user accounts in Active Directory
  • Remove all clients from SBS domain (don’t forget to create a local admin account)
  • Transfer file storage from old box to new box (~40 gig, not too bad)
  • Transfer our Shelby Systems data to new hardware using Shelby Backup/Restore utility
  • Change our Firebox configuration file to ensure our external ips are pointing to our new equipment (namely, our terminal server)
  • Ensure our DNS and DHCP settings are properly configured
  • Put our new server on our Cisco 3524 XL ENs connected via fiber (I know, they are old – but hey, they are a great price and a solid product).
  • Finally, and this is the most time consuming, add all clients to the new domain, transfer user settings, add printers,¬†and map drives.

This process took about 23 hours to complete with most of it (18) coming Friday night. I would do it again, just not tomorrow.

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