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As you know from a previous post, we use Cox Communication for our voice and data services. A need has arisen that will require us to have multiple static IP addresses. I knew that Cox would allow us to have 8 for no additional charge however, I was worried that I would be under a time crunch to adjust our gateway device to accommodate the new addresses once they were assigned. To complicate matters more we host a small web server with a CNAME record off one of our domains. In order for this web server to be accessible I would have to time the CNAME change (24~48 hours) with the time that I adjust the gateway settings or else the web server can’t be accessed. This is sort of  hit and miss.

I call customer support and within minutes am talking with a person. They inform me that I can in fact have 8 static IP address (great), but they also will allow me to keep my old static IP address on top of the new 8 for 4 days. This gives me 4 days to change my gateway settings, update my CNAME records, and troubleshoot any potential problems. A+ in my book.

Stay tuned for future posts on why we need so many static IPs.

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