First Major Cox Outage

Yesterday we had our first extended Cox outage since switching to them here. At about 9:40 yesterday morning our voice and data services went down. I called some friends in different parts of Northwest Arkansas and they still had service. A quick call to Cox Business revealed a service outage in our area. As I was walking to let the folks in the front office know about the down time, I spotted the problem.

It seems some very large fiber cables had been spooled up across the street from First Church on a pole. Apparently the wind was strong enough to blow this excess cable over the street just as a semi-truck drove by. We think the truck hooked the cable and then pulled it apart. As you can see this cable is quite large, it carried MANY strands of fiber from their junction box about 2 blocks away. Half of Springdale was without any Cox services (no voice, no data, no TV).

Cox vehicles started coming in from everywhere. I counted 7 different trucks, cars, and heavy trucks at one point. This event must be rare. To make a long story short they pulled the cable down, fed it into their trailer and spent the next 4 hours melting the fiber strands back together. Service was restored at 2:00 PM. This allowed enough time to get the critical work from Monday completed. [nggallery id=9]

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  1. Greetings!

    Was this a recent post? Or much older? We had some clients having issues yesterday (8/6/12) with connectivity and most were with Cox…but also us. Thanks!

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