Back in Northwest Arkansas

If you are outside of my extended circle of friends and family you may not know that I have moved back to Northwest Arkansas. I moved to Oklahoma City in December of 2012 to work with

It was the 3rd best decision I believe I have made in my life. So you ask what is better than working at

  1. When I chose to take ownership of my faith in Jesus and accept Him as my savior
  2. When I married my best friend @ameskis (the reason I moved back to Northwest Arkansas!)

You may be wondering what I am doing. I still work with as their Church Management Systems Director. They blessed me with the opportunity to lead a team of really talented individuals remotely. Yes, I telecommute each day to the office from my home in Springdale. I have an fancy office phone, high def webcam, large monitor, and direct network access to accomplish my responsibilities. They even have a computer monitor on my old desk in Edmond, OK. People can sit down and have a direct conversation with me. The entire setup works quite well since I have teammates in Stillwater, Edmond, and Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

It goes without saying that my passion for the outdoors thrives in NWA. This past weekend I was able to ride my favorite local mountain biking trail at Hobbs State Park. It is good to be back.

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