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Forgive me, this post is rather lengthy.

It is a humbling experience to become completely angry and then to realize that things will in fact be okay. Tuesday night I managed to destroy my home desktop computer in an attempt to recover data for someone else. The PC wouldn’t do anything. Needless to say I was devastated. Mad that I had volunteered to help this person, mad that I had gone against my own rule of using my main computer to fix others, mad at a every computer in the world.

After working into the wee hours of the morning I finally surrendered and went to bed. Going to bed angry is very difficult. I really had nothing to be angry at. All my files were backed up, I had all the cds to reinstall everything, I even had an extra computer to use temporarily. It was at this point that I realized that things were going to be okay.

Things began to look up for me the next day. After going through every conceivable notion of what could be going wrong I narrowed the problem down to a specific piece of equipment. After removing this optional piece the computer booted right up. Lesson learned: don’t get so attached to something so trivial that you blow a lid when it isn’t there. As it turns out the data that I was attempting to recover really wasn’t that important and in fact was backed up separately.

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