A Hike I’ve Never Done Before

This past Friday I set out on a hike that I haven’t done before…in  a car that I haven’t taken before…in boots that I haven’t worn before. This should be interesting.

The hike was a primitive trail around the rim of Indian Creek on the Buffalo River. You may know Indian Creek as one of the roughest areas on the National River, not because of the location, but the terrain. I have hiked up and down the creek several times, but never along the rim, and never by myself. While the trail is marked at the beginning, middle, and end, it is not marked anywhere in-between.

The car was my most recent purchase, a 2003 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. This car was actually quite difficult to find since I required it to be a manual transmission (I really like to be in control). I ended up finding it in Eden Prairie, MN and having it shipped. I was impressed. It did great on the steep road to Kyle’s Landing. Its a lot of fun to drive.

The boots are my first real set of hiking boots. PackRat had this pair of LaSportiva boots that felt great on my feet. They are lighter and stiffer than my previous boots. Plus they have a smaller footprint which makes hiking over and around rocks just a little easier.

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Indian Creek Rim Trail

My hike began along the Buffalo River Trail (BRT) heading towards Steel Creek. However, at the beginning trial marker, as seen in the photo, things get steep. Following some very old roads I hiked back and forth as ascending the east side of the creek.  Kyle’s Landing is at 900 feet above sea level. The highpoint of my journey was 1740 feet above sea level.

The primitive was exactly that, primitive. I found myself twice wondering where it went. I pulled out the map and compass and check the terrain around me and then guessed where to go. I met back up with the trial both times fortunately.

The trail closed sign was at the very top of Indian Creek. A landslide had wiped away part of the trail. I wasn’t about to turn around and go back so I simple climbed down and re-connected with the trail on the other side. I know I probably shouldn’t have done it. But I didn’t hike 840 vertical feet to turn around and go right back down.

I continued on the west side of the creek until I eventually caught back up with the BRT. Now I got to go downhill. I am very familiar with this part of the trail and made good time. I took a quick break at the Indian Creek overlook (back to the camera). To my surprise I stumbled upon a great campsite at the base of this hill on the west side of the BRT. Tucked below a step downhill section just before crossing the creek there lies a secluded campsite that has access to the river. What a fantastic place to set up camp. I will definitely be staying here again.

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